Recording for Speakers and Authors

At last, you can perform with total abandon.

Richard Del Maestro will safeguard your delivery, pronunciation, grammar, use of language, scripting, phrasing, cadence, inflection and expression during every session.

Our work focuses on ensuring that your audience can appreciate your message. Record here and you'll never leave the studio wishing you could have done better.

Experience the luxury of total performance support and take your game to the top.

Coaching for Speakers and Authors

Richard Del Maestro uses the recording studio as a coaching tool. He records you during your coaching sessions with the end product in mind. These 'coached takes' are then edited together into a perfected performance.

An unforgettable experience, this approach will permanently improve your craft as a speaker while simultaneously creating a tangible product.

Perform better than you ever dreamed possible.

First time audio book authors: Richard's hybrid coaching/recording technique will dramatically raise the caliber of your performance and put you years ahead in terms of quality, consistency and final product. First time authors record here with confidence.

Voice Over

Expert recording of your voice over. Your talent or ours.

Custom Music

Music for video, film and CD is available on a custom basis.










Jim Lampley - HBO
Jim Lampley of HBO Sports says: "If it's good enough for HBO, it's good enough for anyone."


Darren Hardy - Success Magazine
Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine: "All my audio work is done here in this studio."


John Assaraf
John Assaraf, Praxis Now: "For all of my audio needs, I go to Richard Del Maestro."





Custom Music Production for corporate, advertising, TV and Film, spoken word, and commissioned works by Richard Del Maestro. Production of your original work includes recording, arranging, orchestration, performance of all or supplemental parts, and mixing.

Voice Over

HBO Sports

Production for corporate, advertising, network broadcast and internet with our voice talent or yours.

Spoken Word

Darren Hardy - Success Magazine

Complete production of audiobooks, training CDs, seminars, online classes, technical audio for specialized, medical and scientific applications. Your voice or our voice talent available. Includes script support and performance coaching



Here's what some of our clients are saying about Studio Del Maestro...

To my San Diego Author/Speaker friends,

I don't often (ever really) offer unrequested endorsements, but this is one I have stress-tested myself and proven worthy… and one that could be of great service to you.

Most all the SUCCESS magazine interviews I do that end up on the CD inside the magazine are done from the studio of Richard Del Maestro. The man is a magician… a true maestro!

If you have followed the evolution of SUCCESS since I started publishing it you can recognize Richard makes me and every one of our interviewees sound brilliant a significant uptick in the quality of the audio production when I finally found Richard versus the chop shops of other audio producers – that is the product of Richard's work (including my improved performance based on his coaching). Richard makes me and every one of our interviewees sound brilliant.

Anyway, he is right here in our backyard. I know how many audio producers I had to try (and be frustrated by) before finding someone I liked (important) and could trust (REALLY important – there are a thousand little decisions made to create an excellent end product).

I have zero vested interest in this recommendation besides appreciation for the extra effort Richard has invested in SUCCESS and the knowing this can also be of value to you and your body of work.

To your success,

Darren Hardy
Publisher & Editorial Director


Once again the CDs sound exceptional as I knew they would. Every training CD you've produced for us has been as good as it gets.

Great work!

Fritz Amrhein
Audio Projects Manager
M.V.P. MonaVie Values People

I'm working with the phenomenal Richard Del Maestro, who is not only a skilled engineer and editor, but a brilliant director, too. When Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS Magazine, introduced us a while back, he told me that Richard is the only person on the planet that I should consider if I were to ever record another audio book. High praise from an eminently credible source. So… Richard it was. And is. And he is truly remarkable.

Steve Farber






Composer and Producer:

The Coca Cola Company - music videos

Time Life, music for exercise video

Ed Asner: Less Stress in 5 Easy Steps with Ed Asner

Dr. Wayne Dyer: Wisdom of the Masters

Reuben H. Fleet Space Theatre: Voyager 2 and Hubble Space Telescope multimedia productions.

Three's Company and Dancers: ballet score for Nicholas Gunn, choreographer


Album Producer, Mixer and Engineer:

Ravi Shankar

Anoushka Shankar

Zakir Hussain

Kartik Seshadri

Arup Chattopadhyay

Serdar Ortaç


Artist, Composer and Producer:

Solo Albums:

Language of the Heart


Relax II Heartspace

The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Friends (Children's Album)

Incredible Land of Wow! (Children's Album)

Spoken Word

SUCCESS MEDIA - Audio interviews for SUCCESS Magazine with Darren Hardy

Jay Abraham
Shawn Achor
Barney Adams
David Allen
Tony Allesandra, Ph.D.
Daniel Amen M.D.
Janet and Chris Attwood
John Assaraf
David Bach
Bob Beaudine
Larry Benet
Ken Blanchard
Dianna Booher
Bob Burg
John C. Maxwell
Jim Cathcart
Jean Chatzky
Robert Chialdini
Invisible Children (Jason Russell,
Laren Poole, Ken Keesey)
Deepak Chopra M.D.
Christine Comaford
Chip Conley
Kenneth Cooper, M.D.
Roger Crawford
Dave Crenshaw
Jack Daly
Diane Darling
Dr. David Vik
Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D.
Paula Deen
Jason Dorsey
Todd Duncan
Wayne Dyer
Harv Eker
Roxanne Emmerich
Richard and Linda Eyre
Jason Falls
Steve Farber
Richard Fenton
Jim Finkelstein
Ken Fisher
John Fleming
David Foster
Chris Freytag
Patricia Fripp
Carmine Gallo
Libby Gill
Jeffery Gitomer
Seth Godin
Marshall Goldsmith
Jean Greaves, Ph.D.
Peter Guber
Chris Guillebeau
Michael Gurian
Scott Halford
Ned Hallowell, M.D., Ed.D.
Joel Harper
Kevin Harrington
Frances Hasselbein
Jeff Hayzlett
David Heinemeier Hansson
Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks
Sally Hogshead
Chet Holmes
Tom Hopkins
Dawn Hutson
Tony Jeary
Mark Jefferies
Harry Joiner
Guy Kawasaki
Dan Kennedy
Frank Kern
Gary Kobat
Mike Koenigs
Jim Kouzes
David Lakhani
Lynne Lancaster
Pat Lencioni
Greg Link
Kim Lyons
Harvey MacKay
Kyle Maynard
Joseph McClendon III
Harvey McKinnon
Jillian Michaels
LuAn Mitchell
Julie Morganstern
The Motley Fool (Tom and David Gardner)
Joel Osteen
Victoria Osteen
Marc Ostrofsky
Lisa Oz

Mehmet Oz, M.D.
Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott
Jermaine Paul
Tom Peters
Shawn Phillips
Daniel Pink
Charlie Plumb
Connie Podesta
Nido Quebein
Dave Ramsey
Srikumar Rao, Ph.D.
Tom Rath
Mel Robbins
Gary Ryan Blair
Mark Sanborn
Tim Sanders
Lisa Sasevich
Terry Savage
Dan Schawbel
Tony Schwartz
Steve Shapiro
Robin Sharma
Rabbi Shmuley
Maria Shriver
Blair Singer
Derek Sivers
Terri Sjodin
Paul Slack
Tavis Smiley
Mari Smith
Laura Stack
Dan Sullivan
Joe Sweeney
Brian Tracy
Rory Vaden
Dr. David Vik
Denis Waitley
Waldo Waldman
Jeff Walker
Andrea Waltz
Chris Widener
Montel Williams
Larry Winget
Devora Zack
Louis Zamperini
Paul Zane Pilzer

Audiobooks by Darren Hardy: The Compound Effect,
Your First 7 Days, Living Your Best Year Ever

NBC/Versus: Sports Jobs with Junior
Seau (Season 1)

HBO Sports with Jim Lampley

Mandt Bros. Productions

Anarchy Post

Pacific Ocean Post

Hay House Publishing

Marianne Williamson, audio CD

Dr. Wayne Dyer, audiobook: Wisdom of the Masters

Terah Collins, audiobook: Western Guide To Feng Shui

John Randoph Price, audiobook

Deepak Chopra, M.D., PBS Special

Jack Canfield, Ph.D., various audiobooks

Hanoch McCarty, Ph.D., various audiobooks

Timothy Leary, Ph.D., Tibetan Book of the Dead (1996)

Astec/Emerson Power Transmission Corporation, audio CD

Eufora International, audio CD

Producer of Radio Talk Show: "The Open Mind", Talk America Radio Network, 1997. Dr. Dennis Gersten's guests included: Bernie Siegel, M.D., Larry Dossey, M.D., Christiane Northrup, M.D., Gary Zukav, Peter Jensen, Ph.D., Dan Clark, M.D., Candace Pert, Ph.D., William Sears, M.D., David John Oates, and Claire Sylvia.

Richard Del Maestro

Richard began his professional training in New York at the Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts, the High School for the Performing Arts, the Manhattan School of Music and the Mannes College of Music.

As an audio producer for the spoken arts, Richard works with many of today's leading speakers, authors and publishers. He has produced best-selling audiobooks currently on the market and his work is heard each month by over 2 million people in the field of personal development via various CDs that enjoy regular monthly distribution. Millions more hear his recordings each month on the HBO television network.

As a recording artist Richard Del Maestro's music has charted and played extensively on more than 1500 radio stations nationally as well as enjoying international exposure. He scored videos for The Coca Cola Company, multimedia shows for the Rueben H. Fleet Space Theater, music for a 2 CD set of poetry read by Dr. Wayne Dyer and released by Hay House, and was commissioned to compose music for a classical ballet. He has recorded the work of Ravi Shankar and other leading classical Indian musicians, produced Timothy Leary's last recording (still unreleased by his estate), produced a number of other albums in various styles, and composed and performed his own sacred choral music with a choir he formed for that purpose. He continues to be in demand as a composer and music producer for his work as well as for other artists.

Richard has achieved a rare level of sensitivity and refinement that he brings to every project that comes to Studio Del Maestro.

His 35 years of professional experience successfully working with leaders in publishing and the arts will ensure that your project receives the level of support and care it truly deserves.

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